The Best Italian Restaurants in Bali Right Now

Decent best restaurants in Bali are kind of like Instagram influencers in Miami—they’re oblivious to the 1,000 other people doing the exact same thing, and wholeheartedly believe they’re worth a lot more money than they are.

Of course, unlike Instagram influencers, some local Italian restaurants actually are a big deal, and deserve to be recognized for towering over the above-average masses.

So when you’re trying to decide where to go for rich sauces, fresh seafood, housemade pasta, and unbeatable ambience, these are the best bets for Italian cuisine in Bali.


Best Italian Restaurant in Bali
Sa’Mesa is based on “La Nonna Carmela”, an Italian Grandmother who used to invite everyone for Dinner. The Neighbor, the neighbor’s girlfriend, three different uncles, her children, grandchildren, and basically everyone else in her village.

We aimed to modernize this concept and we are happy to introduce our “Experience Dinner” to you.

Perhaps no restaurant signifies Bali’  emergence as Canggu top dining destination like Sa’Mesa Bali venture into the world of fresh pastas and stone-fired pizzas.

The menu is bursting with hits, but cheffy originals like Sunflower Pizza with yellow squash and Pesto Ravioli with asparagus and mint set this place apart.

It’s also a boisterous, joyous space where making friends with the folks at the next table is part of the experience.

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